Digital Projectors

Over the last 20 years, digital projector technology has evolved dramatically. There are now so many different solutions available with features to suit office, educational and retail environments. And with short throw lenses, it is also possible to project onto full sized screens and interactive boards from under a meter away.

Speak to Premier AV to help you make the right decisions when choosing projector equipment. Our technical knowledge and professional advice will help you choose the right projector for the right type of application. We supply a large choice of projectors with excellent reliability from all major manufacturers including BenQ, Epson, NEC, Hitachi, Sanyo, and Sharp all complete with lengthy warranties on both the projector units and lamps. Our large buying power means our prices are extremely competitive.

Three of our popular projectors are presented below – the Epson EB-X39, the BenQ MX570 and the Epson EB-680. Each of these is suited to a different purpose. Check out their key features and product brochures.

Projector prices start at only £399. Click on the links below for information on:

Epson EB-X39

BenQ MX570

Epson EB-680

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